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Robina Bazaar : Health and Disposable medical supplies Company

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Robina Bazaar

Robina Bazaar

We are Robina Bazaar Family, active in the field of disposable medical products in whole Iran. We have a notable market share of Iran with Iranian and foreign Brands. We believe that the utilization of marketing knowledge, trained and professional people, working with famous suppliers, integrated system of product distribution, and sense of responsibility for the health of society, altogether are key to success and progress in competitors.

Over the years by providing more than thirty different products, including products for hospital, laboratory, pharmacy and ultrasound that respond to the need for the medical community, especially in the field of disposable products, we have attempted to eliminate concerns of this section, in order to have easy access to high quality products.


Who we are

We are Robina Bazaar – a Iranian business with a proud history and a distinct perspective.

Robina Bazaar was established in Isfahan, City of turquoise domes, by Mr. Ali A. Kafash in 2008. The company began its activities by offering products disposable Gynecological such as Speculum, Cervical Cup, Poar, etc. Over time and increasing Competitive power and establish an integrated system of marketing research and market assessment of medical supplies, be expanded gradually to its product portfolio.


Robina Bazaar history

We were founded in 2008 – You can get acquainted with a decade of valuable experience.

Utilizes direct marketing and sales capillary allowing us, Have access to a broad market of medical consumers. Many factors have led to a sustained, long-term, continuous and ongoing relationship with our customers, such as supply unique and known brands, create different payment terms for customers, free Send products even the most remote rural and urban areas. Robina Bazaar is eager to work with all actors in the sector. Enthusiasts for get more information in this regard can through the menu of “Contact us” communicate with us.



Market coverage of Robina Bazaar

Scope of activity and method – Learn about our target market and marketing strategy in Robina Bazaar.

We believe to the principles and rules of ethics in our business. And we put it based on these principles of our vision. We invite you to read our professional guidelines.




Code of business

Code of business principles Robinabazaar Co. -Read about our work standard and our ethical framework.